Redbook Magazine: Workout Trends

Reader’s Digest: Weightlifting

Spark People: Pros Secret Weapon

Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine: Prediabetes

Success Magazine: Changing Yourself

Buzzfeed: Running

Shape Magazine–Breakfast

The Lapse Podcast: Antarctica Marathon

Always Active Athletics: Top 37 Experts Reveal Fitness Secrets

Pacific Standard Magazine: Internet Trolls

Arizona Republic: Jennifer’s Marathon Stories

Huffington Post: Skin Secrets

Huffington Post: Healthy Eating

Good Enough Mother

Bustle: Dates

Jennifer in the Antarctica Marathon 

Girls Gone Sporty Interview–Marathons

USA Today–Traveling and Fitness 

Fitness Business News: Jennifer and Running

US News & World Report–Teaching English in Schools 

Spry Living–Ramp Up Your Fitness

Diets in Review–Treadmill Accidents 

Spark Magazine-Running in Antarctica

Lifestyle Accountability Podcast–Running Marathons

Scottsdale Health Magazine Cover

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Page 2

KRON: Escape from Alcatraz – San Francisco

Women’s Day Magazine

Spry Living–Common Cycling Mistakes 

Diets in Review–Find Your Perfect Running Partner Open Water Swimming Tips World’s Best Marathons

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